Couple wedding photo on golf course at Granby Ranch
Wedding on golf course

Planning Tips & Ideas

Congratulations! You’re hosting the event of a lifetime in Granby’s mountain playground. For many of your guests, it might be the first time they’ve ever crossed the Continental Divide. Here’s how to make sure your gathering is a smooth, welcoming, and delightful one that showcases the best of the high country.

Consider the Weather

Not sure the best time of year to hold your outdoor event? The ideal time is usually late June through early October where you’ll experience massive amounts of sunshine and daytime temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Even in the summer, evenings are still cool here, so be prepared when you pack. Also keep in mind that afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon in late July and early August. These storms can bring cold temperatures, so make sure you and your guests bring layers with you. The great news is they usually clear up by 5 pm or so, when the sun bursts back out of the clouds. 

Also note that while May might be springtime in most of America, up in the mountains it’s “mud season,” a time with sunshine and hints of green in the meadows, or spitting snow in a fierce spring storm. Definitely do some research on the annual weather and average temps before you book your event.

Indoors are cozy year-round up here, as folks gather by the fire and around lively dinner tables. Best of all, off-peak times such as November and April still see beautiful snowfall and are often an affordable booking option.

Prep for Quick Changes 

The weather can change quickly and dramatically in the high country, and typical event or wedding attire might leave guests feeling chilly and overly formal in our informal community. (There’s a reason so many brides wear cowboy boots up here!)

Pro tip: Suggest a packing list of must-haves for your guests. Hats and sunglasses, plenty of layers like fleeces and tees, sports leggings or long outdoor pants, sunscreen, sturdy shoes for hikes and adventures, warm socks, even light gloves. And a packable puffy jacket will never fail you up here! Need gear? Two Pines Supply and Grand Mountain Trading Co. carry mountain clothing essentials if there’s something you forget. 

Make Time for Adventure and Play

Our mountain landscape is legendary and outdoor adventures are world class. Why not schedule a group outing or activity to help everyone experience the Rockies and get to know each other?


Keep in mind for out-of-town guests that you might need to arrange for group transportation, as Granby does not offer Lyft or Uber services. Home James Transportation Services provides transport to and from Denver International Airport, while Avalanche Car Rentals offers rental cars within Grand County. You can also book Home James Transportation as a private shuttle between guest lodging and your event location.

Whether you’re planning a night of celebration under the stars or a cozy family reunion, just remember: No matter when you plan your event, Granby’s abundant beauty, adventure, and welcoming spirit are sure to make it a memorable one for you and your guests.