Mural on Shear Design on Main Street in Granby
Shear Design mural


In the summer of 2018, the Town of Granby partnered with So-Gnar Creative Division to create the first community murals in Grand County. After seeing the community come together to support this public art initiative, a mural festival was undertaken in 2019.

Adding Color to Main Street

Drawing from the beauty of the Colorado mountains, our unique wildlife, and the state’s colorful art scene, the mural festival brought the thriving local and national art scene to the mountains. At each wall, artists with similar styles shared the same space to create art that is cohesive, melding two styles in a way that is positive and thought-provoking. Through the creation of permanent large-scale public murals, we were thrilled to contribute to the county’s cultural legacy for years to come. 

Over the course of the week-long mural festival, seven murals by more than a dozen artists were completed along Agate Avenue—Granby's Main Street—adding to several already existing murals. Since then, inspired by the beautiful and unique art, other business owners have taken the initiative to have murals painted on their buildings. You’ll definitely notice these splashes of color as you drive or walk through town.