Pond at Kaibab Park on a sunny day
Pond at Kaibab Park


At an elevation of 7,935 feet above sea level, Granby will give you a true mountain experience. Granby boasts 250 days of sunshine each year, with 70-degree temperatures in the summer and nearly 200 inches of snow in the winter. While our location provides the perfect conditions to partake in outdoor activities year-round, make sure to be prepared for the higher elevation.

Adjusting to the Altitude

Be aware that year-round, the sun is much stronger here than at lower elevations. Make sure to protect yourself by wearing sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses or goggles, even if it’s cloudy. 

Also be aware of altitude sickness, which occurs when you don't get enough oxygen from the air at higher elevations. Symptoms include headaches, feeling weak or dizzy, nausea, and trouble sleeping. To combat altitude sickness, make sure to drink lots of water, and over-the-counter medications can help with headaches. Make sure to take it easy and don’t push yourself if you aren’t feeling well.

Be Prepared for Weather

Weather conditions can change rapidly at high elevations. Afternoon thunderstorms in the warmer months are common, and it can snow during any month of the year here. Always carry extra layers with you, including a rain jacket. When heading outdoors in the winter, make sure to have a warm winter jacket and pants, snow boots with good traction, hats, gloves, and goggles or sunglasses.

If you are visiting by car or RV during the snowy months, be sure you’re comfortable driving in winter weather conditions, and familiarize yourself with current traction and 4-wheel-drive laws. Get updates for Colorado’s road and weather conditions by visiting the Colorado Department of Transportation.

No matter what time of year you visit, there are always plenty of things to do in Granby. Spring days spent taking a scenic drive or enjoying the views in a hot air balloon are marked by snowy mountains and clear, bluebird skies.

Granby is about to become your favorite new basecamp for adventure. We’re proud to be an all-season destination for active travelers. You’ll find sweeping vistas of peaks and rivers and all the outdoor experiences Colorado has to offer. From tranquil horseback rides to adrenaline-pumping...