Town of Granby

Town of Granby Business Improvement Grant

The Town of Granby Business Improvement Grant Program is designed to incentivize local organizations or businesses to enhance the character of their property in along the Highway 40 corridor, increase energy efficiency, assist with employee retention, provide enhancements to aesthetics, and promote new employment opportunities.  The goal of this grant program is to encourage pedestrian/business activity in Granby.  The grant program is specifically intended to benefit those businesses in the HGB, CB, and SV-M zoned areas along the Highway 40 corridor.

Applications will be considered one time per year and will be before or on March 31, 2023 by 5:00PM.  In addition to meeting the requirements below, all projects must comply with the town code, including the town’s zoning and building regulations.  No grant will be awarded for work already completed or for work that is covered by insurance.

Grant amounts are limited to 50% of the projected total cost or a maximum of $50,000.   Redevelopment or expansion projects that significantly increase the existing usable space will be given preference in the awarding of grants.  New construction is eligible for funding, but existing building redevelopment or expansion will take priority.  The intention is to focus on large scale improvements and larger projects which will make a significant impact to the defined area.

Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information and/or make a formal presentation to the advisory committee and/or Board of Trustees.  If awarded a grant, any deviation from the grant project may result in total or partial withdrawal of grant funding.  All paid receipts must be received within forty-five (45) days of completion of the project before the grant amount will be reimbursed to a property owner, and no funding will be given upfront.  Individuals/entities performing the work must comply with all Town of Granby licensing, code, and tax requirements. All funds must be expended during the calendar year they are awarded.

Grants are only available if funds are budgeted for and will be awarded by the Town of Granby Board of Trustees upon recommendation from an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee shall be composed of the Town Mayor, the Town Manager, and three at-large members. Each at-large member of the Advisory Committee must be a resident of the Town of Granby, own a business within the Town of Granby, or a resident of the 80446 zip code. Collectively, the Mayor, the Town Manager, and a Trustee designated by the Board of Trustees shall appoint the three at-large members of the Advisory Committee. Advisory Committee meetings including presentations to the Advisory Committee will be open to the public and noticed per state statute.

A grant award may be asked to be returned to the Town in the event an awarded business closes within two years of a completed project.

Evaluation Criteria:

Funding will be considered based upon the following criteria.  Potential grantees must provide detailed information regarding the criteria below in relation to their individual project.

  • Potential beneficial impact on pedestrian/business activity.
  • Overall effect on the downtown area regarding components such as traffic flow, pedestrian accessibility, and use.
  • Potential energy efficiencies the project will produce for the building.
  • How the character of the building will change according to any accepted design standards.
  • Amount of visual enhancement to areas viewed by large numbers of people.
  • Meeting the desires of the approved comprehensive plan.
  • Other relevant factors as reasonably deemed important by the Advisory Committee and/or Board of Trustees.

Eligible Project Examples:

  • Façade improvements such as renovations, paint, remodel or landscape.
  • Indoor improvements such as painting, drywall, flooring, or ceiling improvements.
  • Pocket parks or other public gathering places.
  • Landscaping updates.
  • Updates or upgrades to windows, doors, HVAC, or other energy efficiency improvements.
  • Outdoor seating.
  • Significantly expanding or rehabilitating an existing structure resulting in new useable space.
  • Artwork (i.e. murals or sculptures).

Submittal Requirements:

  • Completed Business Improvement Grant Application (attached hereto).
  • A scale drawing from the project architect, contactor, and/or artist of all the proposed grant work to be done.
  • Color samples of all final paint selections and/or material selections and/or plant species selections must be included with the application for review and approval.
  • Written work estimates or construction bids for all project work from architects, contractors, and/or artists.  Self-contracted work will be reimbursed for actual legitimate expenses excluding labor.
  • Written work estimates or construction bids submitted by an Applicant must be current and dated no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to the application request.  Bids shall be submitted on the architect’s or contractor’s letterhead, shall contain the contractor’s name, address, telephone number, and shall itemize the bid in a manner that allows the Advisory Committee to determine the bid components and authenticity.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Approval Process:

The Advisory Committee will meet to consider the applications and, if necessary and in the Committee’s sole discretion, listen to presentations from the Applicants. The Advisory Committee will then recommend approval or denial of the applications based on the criteria provided above and the amount of funding budgeted by the Board of Trustees for grants. The Board of Trustees will make the final determination awarding grants. All applicants will be notified within thirty (30) days of the Board of Trustees final determination.

  • All awarded projects must meet current building standards and codes as well as building permit requirements.
  • Applicants receiving approval by the committee shall commence construction described within the application within ninety (90) days from the date the grant is awarded.  All awarded projects must complete the construction described in the application within the calendar year of the date the grant is approved.  No extensions shall be given to an applicant.
  • The Applicant or their contractor are required to obtain all applicable Town permits and Town approvals required for the construction if a grant is awarded.