Electric bikes (e-bikes) have been gaining in popularity and have made biking in the mountains more accessible for many people. We’ve put together a guide on where to ride, rent and buy e-bikes in Granby.

Where to Ride E-Bikes

Generally, e-bikes are allowed in many places where you can ride a conventional bicycle, including most bike trails, pedestrian paths and roads. Some exceptions do apply, especially on public lands. Make sure to research your intended location before heading out on your e-bike.

Around Town
E-bikes are a fun way to get around town in Granby and are a great alternative mode of transportation. Remember, bikes are required to follow the same traffic laws as vehicles.

Granby Trails
Granby Trails, located off Highway 34, has paved, multi-use trails with some short loops that connect to the Bark Park and Sun Outdoors RV Resort.

Granby Ranch
E-bikes are allowed on Granby Ranch’s numerous cross country trails, which offer a range of distances and difficulty. E-bikes are generally not allowed on downhill trails with some exceptions. A season or daily trail pass is required to use the Granby Ranch trail system. Learn more about biking at Granby Ranch.

Gravel Roads
Biking on the many gravel and dirt roads around Granby is a great way to experience nature and beautiful scenery without the traffic found on paved roads. Although there are many options in the area, a few of our favorite scenic options include: County Road 6 along the shores of Lake Granby; and County Road 55, leading to Cottonwood Pass and Hot Sulphur Springs.

Snow Mountain Ranch
E-bikes are allowed on Snow Mountain Ranch’s bike trails, as well as paved and gravel roads on property. Users must have a membership or be staying on property to access Snow Mountain Ranch. Learn more about biking at Snow Mountain Ranch.

Public Lands
E-bikes are considered motorized vehicles on public lands, therefore are not allowed on non-motorized trails, but rules can vary by area.

- Bureau of Land Management (BLM): BLM-managed public lands offer opportunities for riding e-bikes, including Open OHV areas or motorized trails. E-bikes are not allowed on non-motorized trails but some exceptions may apply, please contact a local BLM office for trail specific information. Learn more about e-bikes on BLM Land.

- US Forest Service (USFS): E-bikes are allowed on motorized trails and roads in national forests. For specific questions about use in the area, please contact a local USFS office. Learn more about e-bikes within the US Forest Service.

- Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP): E-bikes are allowed anywhere in the park where vehicles are allowed. E-bikes are prohibited on all trails including the East Shore Trail. Learn more about biking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Where to Rent E-Bikes

Avalanche E-Bike Rentals - Coming Soon!
Avalanche E-bike Rentals offers fat tire e-bikes that can be used year round on both dirt and snow. Bikes will be available in multiple locations including at the Rocky Mountain Roastery in Granby. They also offer a local delivery service and can bring bikes to your location. Stay tuned for more information!

Granby Ranch
E-bike rentals are available for use on property, on a first come, first served basis. Learn more about biking at Granby Ranch.

Where to Buy E-Bikes, Gear & Services

Full Circle Cyclery
Full Circle Cyclery, located inside Power World Sports, offers Norco and Fantic Class I e-bikes and Quiet Cat (class II bikes), as well bike maintenance services, and bike gear. Learn more about Full Circle Cyclery.

Two Pines Supply
Two Pines Supply offers Class I e-bikes from Giant and Orbea and is an authorized service provider for Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha bikes. You’ll also find a wide range of bike and outdoor gear. Learn more about Two Pines Supply.

Additional Information

There are three classifications of e-bikes: Class 1, which only provides assistance while pedaling and the motor ceases at 20mph; Class 2, that provides assistance regardless of pedaling, and the motor ceases at 20mph; and Class 3, which only provides assistance while pedaling and the motor ceases at 28mph.

With growing usage of e-bikes, local, state and federal regulations may change. Learn more about Colorado’s E-Bike Laws.