Each year, Granby businesses compete in creating festive, spooky or fun scarecrow displays! This year's theme is "Nightmare on Main Street," an ode our favorite Halloween and scary films like Casper the Ghost, Hocus Pocus, and Halloween. Stroll through downtown Granby to see the scarecrows if you dare, then vote for your favorites!

Voting will take place on our Facebook page. Voting ends October 27 at noon.


Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue Federal Credit Union Scarecrow - Granby, Colorado


The Bowerbird's Den

The Bowerbirds Den Scarecrow


Destination Granby

Destination Granby Scarecrow - Granby, Colorado


Granby Veterinary Clinic

Granby Veterinary Clinic - Granby, Colorado



Lina's Pizza

Linas Pizza Scarecrow

Moffat Road Railroad Museum

Moffat Road Railroad Museum Scarecrow - Granby, Colorado


Munn Architecture

Munn Architecture Scarecrow - Granby, Colorado


Trail Riders Motel

Trail Riders Motel Scarecrow - Granby, Colorado


Visitors Center

Visitors Center Scarecrow - Granby, Colorado