Stage Mural at Polhamus Park
Stage Mural at Polhamus Park

2023 Artists

Artist TrishaTrisha Bellefeuille

Trish Bellefeuille - a woman, born of fire and Ice. I survived the great perils that life has thrown my way. I trudged through the darkness, screamed with raging winds, swam through rivers of lava, and walked peacefully along the valley of clouds. And I am not done. I am driven by empathy, bold in my life choices, compassionate, willful, spirited and going through life like a canon ball run.

I am a woman of untold magical powers, wielding a mighty paintbrush to create, evoke and give feeling to the words I cannot speak.

My ART is my heart of hearts.

Commissions: Acrylics, Signs, Murals, Re-prints

Hansen Brown

Shannon Cormier

Artist MikeyMichaela Cross

Michaela Cross, Mikey, is a Colorado based artist who grew up in Hot Sulphur Springs. She attended Colorado Mesa University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in acrylic painting. She now works from her home art studio in Granby, producing anything her mind can think of! Her love for animals and bright colors spark creativity allowing her to achieve her overall goal of spreading joy and laughter onto others. One of her biggest commission requests are dog portraits, and she absolutely loves creating them. She works primarily in watercolor, pen, and marker because they have a sense of freedom for getting in furry and fun details. Mikey also enjoys stamp carving and wood burning recycled found items as other ways to express herself. It was through her love for making people smile and pursuing her dreams that led her to where she is as an artist today!

When Mikey isn’t working on her art, she enjoys spending her time outdoors or reading in her free time. She loves spending time with her family, friends and her two pups, Llewelyn and Frank! You may recognize Frank in some of her work, that little pug is quite the muse. She is currently in the works of writing and illustrating her own children's book, which will hopefully be available this winter!

Her work is available at The Bowerbirds Den in Granby and through her website!

Instagram: @mikeymakes_art

EdieEdie Dafoe

Edie is native to Colorado and has always called it home. She enjoyed skiing and snowmobiling in Grand County for 20 years, before becoming a full-time resident in 2011. Edie met her Canadian husband, Doug, in the late 1980’s. Together they have two children, McKayla and Hunter, grandchildren, Nova and Grey and the most adorable dog in the whole wide world, named Kamire.

The combination of art and science has always been important to Edie. She was a licensed cosmetologist by the time she graduated from high school and worked in that field for 25 years. She also holds a BS from CU Denver. It was there that she got her first taste of acrylic painting. Her children’s rooms were painted with murals of a tropical rainforest and a time traveler’s dinosaur encampment. When the family moved to Grand Lake in 2011 to operate two lodging properties (one heavily themed), Edie felt immersed in one big creative space! In one unit, a pair of “rock climber” light fixtures make their way towards a waterfall and mountain mural that’s painted among the log rafters and a fiber optic star ceiling.

In January of 2018, a DUI driver hit Edie’s car at 90-100mph on I-70. Edie suffered a severe concussion, a back injury and damage to her knee. The concussion caused daily headaches for months, plus difficulty with speech and any brain taxing activities. While the changes were difficult to accept, Edie realized “IF YOU DON’T CHOOSE A NEW HAPPY, THE BAD THING THAT HAPPENED WILL CONTINUE TO STEAL PIECES OF YOUR LIFE.” Rekindling her interest in art was therapeutic and Upside Images was born! Surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Colorado mountains, she finds endless inspiration for her projects. Her fresh and colorful painting style features landscapes, wildlife, flowers and an ever-expanding library of subjects and techniques. Her preferred medium is acrylic paint, but she dabbles in water-colors, pastels.

Edie’s art is available at The Bowerbird’s Den, Granby; High Country Autumn’s Nest, Fraser; Wild About Birds, Grand Lake; Mountain Shire Books, Winter Park (cards only); and Art on 8th, Glenwood Springs. Edie accepts commission work on a limited basis, painting landscapes, murals, trompe l’oeil and pet portraits. She also creates custom signs and textiles with vinyl.

Facebook: Upside Images

RobinRobin Donner

The artist has always been interested in creating beauty around her. In the early days it was needle works, fiber arts, and interior decorations with an added creative expression of cake decorating. Transitioning an accounting degree into visual arts, she expanded her creativity to watercolors, calligraphy, print making and graphic design. In later workshops she embraced basket-weaving, stained glass, acrylic painting, jewelry making, and finally, her current passion of pottery making. She is just getting her studio up and running under the guise of Moose Hill Mud Werks.

Focusing on clay works, she’s attended workshops both in the US and abroad. She studied with Bridget Hauser in North Texas making functional ware with chattering technique and nature element add-ons as decorations. A large ceramic sculpture workshop at Anderson Ranch with John Toki saw her building a 5-foot-tall piece from 350 + lbs. of sculpture clay. In the fall of 2021, she attended a hands-on workshop in Kinsale, UK learning techniques from 6 different ceramic artists as well as visited two production studios. Morocco was her 2022 destination to learn about their vast pottery heritage including hands-on exposure to their world-famous tile work as well as the ornate painted ceramic vessels decorated with geometric shapes, botanicals, and calligraphy with stains on tin oxide similar to the majolica finishing technique.

Other creative endeavors include: custom wall mural paintings, various graphic design services, teaching youth drawing skills in summer workshops as well as with private lessons, making various fiber decorating elements like curtains, pillows, and quilts, floral arrangements for weddings and as decorating elements, crafting decorated outdoor garden stakes with solar lighting, and conducting adult paint-n-sip parties.

MackMack Foote

Mack Foote, a neuro-divergent commission based artist and muralist, resides in the serene landscapes of rural Grand County, Colorado. With a vibrant and surreal perspective, their artwork captures the essence of their unique lens on the world. Mack’s creations are a manifestation of their sensory experiences, reflecting the colorful, expressive, and psychedelic nature of their perception. While many works are nature based, Mack always enjoys a challenge and opportunity to try new subjects and materials.

Beyond the canvas, Mack’s approach to life aligns with their artistic values. They recognize the responsibility of creating art that resonates and brings solace to others, while equally valuing self-care, joy, and rest. They view their life as an integrated masterpiece, where the act of creating art becomes inseparable from co-creating a fulfilling existence.

To Mack, the process of artistry is a profound act of gratitude and reciprocity—a nurturing and intentional endeavor that reflects the abundance they continually receive. You can hire Mack as she is currently accepting large scale mural proposals as well as smaller scale custom commission proposals. You can find her work around Grand County from the rear three walls of Fraser River Beer Co, to The Colorado Center for Couples Therapy, to the Granby Skatepark and Polhamus Park Band shelter, Grand County's Mobile Sauna, The Bower Birds Den, and some hidden gems located on private properties.

Instagram @Mack.Foote

ChristyChristy Helming

I’m Christy Helming, I’m 46 years old, a wife and a mother to 2 daughters and my puppy, Hopper. I also have a pig-son named Kevin Bacon. He, sadly, passed away on December 18th of 2021. I have painted many pictures of him since his passing.

I have found art to be a great way to help me through life; from when I was a kid in school doodling in my notebooks, till now as adult painting or tattooing to help me through the loss of loved ones.

I will have to say tattooing is, by far, absolutely my favorite! I love it and I have my Husband, Aaron Helming, to thank for teaching me the art of tattooing and to other artists, like Shanghai Kate, who was one of the best in the business and a great inspiration, and my Mom and Dad and all my friends and family for always believing in me.

MonicaMonica McFarlin

Monica was born and raised in the rural Southeastern Plains of Colorado. By day, she is a high school CTE Family and Consumer Science teacher at Middle Park High School. By night and weekends, she is an artist.

Creativity is something that Monica has always valued and embraced. She had a few college drawing courses but is self-taught in painting and other media. Her media of choice includes: pyrography (wood burning), acrylic, watercolor, and alcohol markers.

Cake decorating is also a hobby Monica enjoys, though she does not accept many cake commissions.

Commissions that she is open for includes: murals and pyrography products such as spoons, plaques, signs, or anything that can be burned into such as leather and felt.

Some of her creations can be viewed on her art Instagram account @munica_la_unica. DM for commissions.

Casey Lee PaughCasey Lee Paugh

Casey grew up in Grand Lake, Colorado where she spent hours as a youth drawing in a little studio she made in her closet! She repeated Art Open Lab as often as the high school would allow, before going on to earn a BA at Cedarville University where she also minored in Art. Casey also holds a certificate from the Art Instruction Schools program, and is currently pursuing a certification in Art Therapy. She hopes to incorporate therapeutic tools into art classes coming soon to The Bowerbird’s Den.

In recent years she has had the opportunity to pursue her creative side as an occupation rather than simply a hobby. She enjoys all kinds of art…from crochet, to painting, to realistic colored pencil, to furniture restoration and just about everything in between.

This is her third year participating in Art in the Park! Her goal is to continue to learn and grow in her creativity. It is her desire that her art, in all of its forms, brings a smile to your face and points to the Creator of all things.


JustineJustine Sawyer

I am proud to be the art teacher at Middle Park High School in my 29th year of teaching. I am a self-proclaimed "master of nothing, dabbler of everything" artist. I draw inspiration from my students and designing projects, viewing and manipulating natural forms, and from objects with which I have a personal connection.

Growing up on my family's century farm in rural Iowa, I spent much of my time playing in the mud and sandbox, following my father and grandfathers learning how to create and fix things, and saddled up next to my grandmothers who were ingenious makers of handicraft works. Learning by doing continues to be an internal driving force pushing me to seek out new art-making opportunities.

I will be teaching adult courses this fall and I am available for commissioned work in a wide variety of media.

Please DM me on Instagram @justinesawyer - Cheers!


EchoEcho Zoyiopoulos

Echo Zoyiopoulos was born and raised in rural Michigan. She has a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design and a Masters of Arts from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She moved to Colorado in 2009 seeking outdoor adventure in the mountains, and has never looked back. She enjoys skiing, biking, hiking, paddleboarding, and painting images inspired by her adventures. She also enjoys crocheting and creating pottery.

Echo’s work has been featured on the Winter Park Art Trail as well as the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival. She currently has some work for sale at Two Pines Supply in Granby, as well as Sharky’s Eatery in Fraser.

She accepts commissions for watercolor paintings as well as murals. Examples of her work can be found on her Instagram account: @87echoz DM for commissions.