Horses and flags at 4th of July Parade
4th of July parade

Granby Colorado is a little more Independent


Destination Granby has spent the last year planning and executing the Independent Campaign. This initiative shines a spotlight on the independently owned businesses that define our unique mountain town, Granby, Colorado. Through authentic storytelling and striking visuals, we showcase the dedicated owners and operators behind each featured small business. Afterall, they are part of what makes Granby great. 

Each quarter, we select 2-4 businesses to feature based on the theme for the year. The 2023 theme is sustainability. We are now accepting applications for 2024. 


It’s About  Partnership, Not a Marketing Campaign 

Businesses who are selected to participate in this free marketing program, will work closely with our creative team over several weeks. A detailed account of the creative process can be found in our Independently Granby blog post. 


Featured Businesses

Sisu Farms Photo Gallery

  • 1 minute read

We’re proud to be home to family-owned Sisu Farms. They use regenerative farming practices to care for the land, animals, and community....

Granby Yoga Barn Photo Gallery

  • 1 minute read

Take a look inside the Granby Yoga Barn located at 55 First Street in Granby, Colorado. What was once an abandoned lumber yard is now a place where...


Thine Designs Photo Gallery

  • 1 minute read

Take a look inside Thine Designs, located at 62543 Hwy 40 in Granby, Colorado. Thine Designs is a boutique offering a curated collection of consigned...

Simple Coffee Co. Photo Gallery

  • 1 minute read

Take a look inside Simple Coffee Co., located at 100 E. Agate Avenue in Granby, Colorado. They are passionate about coffee, and the environment too....


Why Granby? "Our Granby location fell into my lap in 2020 when the previous owners approached us about taking it over while we had our first shop in Tabernash. However, as someone who grew up in Granby, operating my business in a location I remember frequenting as a child with my dad on...

Why Granby? "I wanted to create a space for people to gather that is beautiful and promotes physical and mental health. We needed such a place in Granby!"

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