With warmer weather approaching, many of us are eager to get back out on the trails. Here are some important tips from Headwaters Trails Alliance to recreate responsibly and safeguard our trails and wildlife:

If you Leave a Track, Turn Back

Whether on foot or bike, if you are leaving a track on the trail, you can damage the trail creating ruts, hardened footprints, and erosion. Not only does this impact the experience of all trail users, but creates time-consuming work to repair and restore the trails.

If you Come Upon a Puddle, Go Through the Middle

Trails that are almost completely dry can still have an occasional puddle, mud, or snow. Go right through the middle, DO NOT go around which causes trail widening and damage to surrounding vegetation causing erosion.

Obey Seasonal Closures

Most wildlife closures are in effect through at least April 15. In addition, most USFS and BLM winter closure gates open no earlier June 1 but may stay closed later depending on snow conditions. Check the BLM interactive map or the Arapaho & Roosevelt Forest Service website for closures and more information.

Give Wildlife Lots of Space

Winter is a big stress on wildlife due to deep snow and lack of food. Any excess expenditure of energy during this time of year can reduce their chances of survival. Be respectful and do not follow, feed or force animals to flee.

Check Trail Conditions Ahead of Time

The Headwaters Trails Alliance Facebook page and website are useful resources to plan your outing and check the current status of trails.

Regardless of the season, always follow the outdoor ethics of Leave No Trace. Take the time to learn about the 7 principles of exploring the outdoors sustainably before you head out. Destination Granby is proud to support Stand Grand, an initiative to be good stewards of our Grand County lands, water and wildlife.